October 2010Volume 2, Issue 4   

 Featured Before & After Project!

Our featured "Before & After Project" for this month comes from the home of two extremely busy professionals who wanted to create a home office without sacrificing the ability to use the room as a guest room. Beautiful distressed custom cherry Crystal cabinetry was installed to create bookshelves, and to also conceal a wall bed and a closet door! The hardwood Lyptus floor is a Green feature, as Lyptus is a very sustainable and renewable resource. The room was finished out with a delicate Hunter Douglas honeycomb shade.

Ask The Expert
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Daniel Mackey Construction wants your Remodeling/Green Building/Home Maintenance questions - or any other questions related to our industry you can think of! And we want to give you free movie passes to take your sweetie out on a date! (You are on your own for dinner, though!) In our new "Ask The Expert" column, we will choose one question to answer in our monthly newsletter, and if you spot your question, write to us or call us at (408) 274-6060 and you win! We will mail you out two movie passes right away! We are accepting questions now, so don't delay!

 October is Energy Awareness Month

As you gear up for the cold, there may be things you can do to reduce your energy usage. October is Energy Awareness Month, and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) offers some green remodeling tips to homeowners anxious to save money on energy bills.

Here are a few tips to cutting back on the electric bill:

• Use a microwave instead of an oven. Microwaves use less than half of the power a conventional oven and cook food in about one-fourth the time. Ovens also heat up the kitchen, making your cooling system and refrigerator work harder.

• Postpone doing laundry and dishwashing until nighttime to avoid peak-electric use hours. Hang laundry outside to dry.

• Use the air-dry feature on dishwashers.

• Service air conditioners annually and be sure the air conditioner is the right size for the area. Change the filter regularly. Choose an air conditioner with the Energy Star label when buying a new one.

• Turn the air conditioner thermostat up to at least 78° or higher or use a programmable thermostat. Close doors to unused rooms. Turn air conditioners off when no one is home.

• Use an attic fan to draw hot air out of the attic. Use a whole-house fan to draw fresh air in through windows and exhaust it out of roof vents.

• Use ceiling fans to circulate air.

• Consider sun exposure when selecting the locations of windows and skylights.

• Install skylights to reduce electricity use during daytime hours.

• Check with your contractor about light-colored roofing materials that can prolong the life of a roof and will reduce a home's cooling costs.

• Install double-pane or low-e windows with a sun-control coating.

• Choose light colors for walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture when redecoration, which will naturally brighten a room.

What Our Clients Say
"I hired Daniel Mackey for two different interior construction projects. They were right on time, and took care of ALL the small details that most people do not notice. They were flexible, professional and extremely nice."
- Gus Kambeitz
'We have worked with several contractors over the course of our 30 years as home owners. None has come close to the professionalism and quality of design Daniel Mackey Construction offered us on our recent remodeling project.'
- Lucy Helveston
"We've had the Mackeys do two different remodels for us: A full master bedroom and bathroom suite and then also various small projects on a guest house. We could not be happier with our experiences and can't say enough great things about them."
- Michelle & Eric Albertson

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